August 5th, 2010

atalan_fic: (TF: Skyfire/Silverbolt)
Thursday, August 5th, 2010 09:35 pm
Title: A Wing and a Prayer - Chapter 8 (Read or Download at AO3)
Pairing: Skyfire/Silverbolt

Summary: The problem with falling in love with an Aerialbot is that his brothers are pretty much part of the package. And the problem with falling in love with someone who has unfinished business from his past is that sometimes the unfinished business is Starscream...

Notes: ... is... is it possible? Are the protagonists finally starting to get a clue?? :O FUN FACT: originally I planned this with a couple of fluff scenes at the start and then for the chapter break to come after, oh... scene 3? And then I realised that at my current rate of updating that would be cruel. So instead we get to finish on Plot. :)

I know I say this every time, but the next one should hopefully be quicker. I am on a writing schedule at the moment that seems to be working out quite well. Being reminded that people want to read is a big help, and thank you to the people who've reviewed recently despite the gap!

ALSO quick question: I have a soundtrack for this fic. It is semi-spoilery in that it follows the plot quite closely. Would people be interested if I posted it nonetheless? For one thing it will explain where I'm getting the cut tag quotes from...

I didn't know that it was so cold and / You needed someone to show you the way )