September 22nd, 2012

atalan_fic: (TF: Skyfire/Silverbolt)
Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 05:16 pm
Title: A Wing and a Prayer - Chapter 14 (Read or Download at AO3)
Pairing: Skyfire/Silverbolt

Summary: The problem with falling in love with an Aerialbot is that his brothers are pretty much part of the package. And the problem with falling in love with someone who has unfinished business from his past is that sometimes the unfinished business is Starscream...

Notes: You know what, I take it back. I WILL finish this. I'm way ahead of what I'm posting right now and I'm so close to the end... I think I can do it.

I have so much to lose here in this lonely place / Tangled up in our embrace... )