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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 02:17 am
So something like two years ago when I was getting into TF fandom, I started wondering why no-one seemed to have done the (to me) really obvious G1 AU - Starscream crashes in the ice instead of Skyfire. And being a mad AU fiend I plotted it half out and then... I don't know, got distracted by something shiny, or something.

Then a while back I offered fic on the Help Haiti auction and was won by [ profile] katharos_8 who, as it turns out, has about as much of a thing for Great Big AUs as I do. So I gave her the choice of a bunch of things I had sitting on my hard drive, and this was the one she picked.

[ profile] katharos_8, I am sorry this took so long to get up (and it's only the first 'episode' at that...) but I hope it's worth the wait. :)

Title: Fire and Ice (1/8)
Rating: General for now
Pairings: Megatron/Starscream, Thundercracker/Skywarp, Skyfire/Silverbolt, Skyfire/Starscream

Summary: Ten million years ago, with Cybertron drifting inexorably towards war, Skyfire lost his partner on a distant world. A lot can change in ten million years - but Starscream's not about to sit back and take it without a fight. And who the frag is this Megatron, anyway?

Notes: First of eight 'episodes' that will form a series arc. I will also say now that Skyfire/Starscream is not the primary pairing here... and that this is not a Starscream Joins The Autobots fic. :)

Episode 1: Rude Awakening )

And now if I can finish that last scene of Wing 6...
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Friday, June 20th, 2008 10:57 am
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mecha-touching, kissing, mild angst
Pairing: Thundercracker/Skywarp

Summary: He's held out this long, but he's going to have to face up to the inevitable sooner or later.

Notes: Written for the [ profile] springkink prompt: Thundercracker/Skywarp: I'm bored, wanna fuck? - If there was a hell that was meant for me / I think I found it.

Strings Attached )
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Friday, May 2nd, 2008 03:14 pm
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: ... love at first sight? And some mecha kissing/touching.
Pairings: various, all slash

Summary: Sometimes you just know. Five (and a half) stories of love at first sight.

Notes: ... this was supposed to be a set of drabbles but, uh, it got away from me. Like, really got away from me. This is mostly because my definition of 'love at first sight' doesn't necessarily involve sight, and doesn't negate the need for establishing common ground between characters. :) With huge thanks to [ profile] saltedpin for feedback!

4. kindred spirits

'Sunny, get down here. You've gotta see what I've got in my shop right now!' )